From a kitchen hand for family restaurant in Southern Thailand and now to corporate catering here in Melbourne, MAIS will present creative food with the full flavours of Thailand and South East Asian delights, with the freshest of ingredients and all those amazing oriental spices with the best of Australia’s produce at the heart of our business. MAIS can create grab and go type food for your board meeting, or creative canapés for your evening networking events.

From the land of smile
.......to the land of multicultural

Our gourmet catering has its authenticity hidden in the name. MAIS is a reversible version of SIAM, the ancient name for Thailand.

We team up with experience personnels within hospitality and event industry. One event leader and three chefs in charge, we can assure you of the unique menus, fresh ingredients and the authentic taste you can get from our food will make MAIS different than other catering company in Melbourne.

We chose to do what we think it's our key strengths and know exactly what would be the best to offer to our clients. It’s the right time and right place to have Thai and asian inspired catering for business events. We live in this beautiful and multicultural city, we see diversities and how people connect through food and culture, it’s amazing!

We'll be back when the time is right

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"Our goal is simple, fresh and delicious! "

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